Minimalist Luxury Bags

Our Leather

VÄSKA works with genuine vegetable tanned leather from Spain. The leather derives from the best local tanneries with a long history and knowledge of leather production, which guarantees the highest quality of our bags that perfectly combine tradition and innovation.

Natural vegetable-tanned leather is one of the oldest methods of making leather and has been used for thousands of years. It refers to keeping the natural colour and characteristics of the leather, and is the most natural and eco-friendly type of tanning. Unlike chrome leather (chemically treated), vegetable tanned leather is treated with natural tannins found in barks, wood, leaves, plants, etc. The end result is a genuine and lush appearance, and best of all, it ages beautifully. No heavy metals or toxic substances are included in the tanning process of vegetable leather.




Vegetable Tanned Cowhide

We use only the finest full-grain cow leather, which has not been treated with chemicals. This leather does not require sanding or buffing to remove imperfections, nor polishing to improve its initial appearance. The soft fine grain of our cow leather is highly durable and will age wonderfully as it takes on a natural patina.


Vegetable Tanned Leather


Vegetable Tanned Nubuck

Nubuck leather is considered to be one of the most expensive and elegant leathers. Nubuck leather is very similar to suede, except that rather than being sanded on the inside of the leather, it’s sanded on the outside.

Our Nubuck is exclusively produced for VÄSKA and is obtained from vegetal tanned calfskin leather that has been finely sanded to obtain a velvety texture, which is exceptionally soft to the touch.

 Nubuck Leather