All leathers used by VÄSKA originate from the best Spanish vegetable-tanned cow hides. We select them carefully due to their longevity, durability and stunning looks – each hide has unique markings and a character of its own. Our leather products are designed to last longer than most, and will age beautifully. Leather care for Väska products is relatively easy, but we recommend you to follow a set of simple guidelines. If cared for properly, Väska bags will last and stay in good shape for a lifetime.


* Keep the exterior leather away from makeup, food, or any other oil based product which can stain.

* Do not wash your bag in the washing machine or tumble dryer. All liquid stains should be dealt with quickly, and blotted gently with a clean, dry cotton cloth. Never forget, leather is a skin, and should be cared for in a similar way to your own.

* If you need to clean your natural vegetal tanned bag, use lukewarm water. Do not get carried away with expensive cleaners and conditioners, simple natural waxes are often the best way to condition the hide i.e. bees wax. In fact, any harsh chemicals can damage the leather, so never use household cleaners or products containing alcohol.

* VÄSKA leather bags are made of full and top grain leather, which is more durable compared to split or lower grade leather and allows the rain to absorb much slower. However, they should not be kept in the rain for long periods of time. If your bag becomes wet, wipe away excess moisture and then leave to dry naturally. Do not attempt to dry with a direct heat source e.g. fire, radiator or hair dryer.

* For nubuck leather, try to avoid shoe polish and liquid leather cleaners or conditioners (liquids can darken and mash the leather fibers). If you do spill liquids on nubuck, it is important to use cotton cloths to try to soak up as much of the spill as possible.

* To restore the brushed nubuck look and feel, use a brush on the nubuck leather regularly to remove any small dust particles and stains. Because the leather is sanded when it is made, you can brush or sand the surface of the leather without harming it. Try a 600 grit sandpaper or a stiff nylon brush and brush back and forth over the surface of the nubuck in a brisk back and forth, seam to seam motion.  Use a soft, dry cloth to wipe off the dust.